I believe in the development of the whole artist.  This requires a customized approach to teaching.   Each of my students are unique and have a personal approach to artistry and virtuosity.  I make every effort to draw out each person’s gifts.  And there is no substitute for smart, purposeful practicing. The root word of virtuoso is virtue. You can always tell how someone lives their life when you hear them play.

Tone is a paramount priority. The quality of the sound is both a “signature” and an interpretative tool. In addition, a stylistic performance is essential for the present day artist. We strive to perform music from each style period with a depth of understand and performance practice, to ideally recreate the composer’s vision of beauty.

My students have won competitions and professorships throughout the world. They are teachers and recording artists. Each one is an original. It’s been my honor to help them reach the highest levels of virtuosity, as well and the goals they have for their careers.